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We Are All Born Creative

We Are All Born Creative

Heard this note from children's book author / illustrator  @arreechung today and just need to share it with you. 

 My little toddler Miro has low self-esteem when it comes to drawing even at the age of 3. Seeing how well his older sister can sketch, he's probably thinking he can't be at her level. So I pushed him to play around and he did a bunch of scribbles for me. With those scribbles, I turned it to a collage and used it as an art print for our tees and accessories.

 When he saw that, his face was lit up with joy and probably realized that even those scribbles can be beautiful. Now, he's happy to scribble whenever and even attempts to draw a double decker bus with a combination of scribbles and zig zaggy lines. 'We are all born creative' so don't let anyone / anything tell you otherwise.


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