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Painting on the up-cycled kids dress with my daughter, Mika

Painting on the up-cycled kids dress with my daughter, Mika

May 3, 2021 - Studio Vlog: 

Please ignore my messy hair in the video blog. aaahhhh
It's super messy.

I did a nice run this morning and actually ate breakfast. I made myself tea and ready to start the day.

It's already 10 a.m in the morning. It's Monday... starting off the week and yeah lots to do.

I've been working on building my website and right now i'm struggling on my 'about page' like, how to write it out and the layout as well.

I've reached out to my friend Alex who's a web developer or web designer?

I don't know the exact name but yeah, he is helping me on that.

I'm using shopify right now and the the page where you could just import your information and picture on is very generic and I want it to be a beautiful layout like this mock-up I did in Canva.

But to put to set up this layout in website is not easy. I'm struggling with it right now. Hitting a roadblock right now figuring that out.

Anyway I'm gonna take a break from that because I've been spending a lot of late nights doing that when in my other recent blogs that I just told you I go to bed by 10 30 - 11ish and that haven't been happening the last few nights.

So hence the the dark circles again and the low energy but i'm okay! I'm fine!

It's Monday. It's the beginning of the week the kids are at work.
At work? haha I mean the kids are at school and I'm here quietly started working and um...

yeah I want to show you a second piece that I did I was inspired by this dress from Ganni.

It's a collaboration with Levi's. I like that it's placed it a little bit lower and you know like kind of like a high-waisted skirt in a way or a high-waisted overall skirt dress?

Anyway it's a combination of everything and I thought that was kind of cool and interesting and I want to make a kid's dress out of it, so I did this tiered dress that you can kind of change around the tie a little bit so you can lower or higher depending on how the kids are growing.

I tried it on Mika and she likes to wear it both ways. She likes to wear it right across her chest or a little bit lower.

She likes wearing as a skirt so just tie it on the sides or on the back.

Either way, it works

uh super cute

I am thinking of having her paint on it.

I'm gonna use white paint and have her paint clouds on it which is part of the the collection or the story.

Let's see how it turns out.

It could be a wild. It can be crazy. It can be bad. Whatever it is, I think that's the fun part of having kids do it because they're just so free and not think about anything and they just do it.

I love it.

Speaking of that... actually I told her I want to write a book before I turn 40 which is like another two / three years and she's like oh i want to write a book too and then just like that she like wrote five books at one time without thinking.

Just so amazing. I need to be like that

So I barely started my work in the studio and now I have to go pick up my baby from school.

Normally I would walk but I'm taking the car today because I have an errand to run after.

I will start work again after lunch.

Yeah it is spring here in Seattle.

We are approaching the last week of April and it's still cold right now.
My car is indicating that it's 53 degrees outside. That's why I am always in a jacket.

I'm not complaining. It's so beautiful here and especially in the summer.

It is so gorgeous out. I mean even just a couple weeks ago when it was spring break.

We have ten full days of sun in the 70s and everybody's so happy.

Everybody is out. We literally picnicked every day i

I was obsessed.

It was just so beautiful and we took the kids out.

We went rowing and just biking.

Whatever we can do... just being outside and enjoy this beautiful city

um yep so I'm getting my baby now and I will catch back with you later!

Anyway, what else can I tell you?

Well like I said, it's Monday. It's the beginning of the week. I'm sure there are more i can talk about...

Painting process...

Doris: "You smell it?"

Mika: "No, I just smelled the paint. Okay so this is for like blue this is for a little darker and this is for white okay?"

Doris: "Okay, so do you know how to paint clouds? Do you want to give it a try?

Mika: "Yeah, okay I'm gonna start with the blue."

Mika: "That looks like the wave moving!"

Mika: "Now, what happens if you put a cloud on the tippy top right here?"

Doris: "Yeah totally fine if that's what you want."

Mika: "I'll put like a cloud right here."

Doris: "Sounds good. Let's do it."

We'll chat again soon.

Yes, if you are new to my channel, my name is Doris.

I'm the designer and founder of Akimiro Studio where I am starting the first collection with upcycling.

Meaning I pick up secondhand and vintage clothings to redesign and create a whole collection around it.

If you have any questions or more things you want to see or know, please put in the comments.

Thanks for watching. Happy weekend! bye

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