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E5: Vintage Shopping At Seattle's Fremont Sunday Market To Up-cylce

E5: Vintage Shopping At Seattle's Fremont Sunday Market To Up-cylce


I’m Doris, your fashion designer here at Akimiro Studio. This is my first actual studio vlog! 

I’m working towards launching a new upcycle collection (which I aim to showcase at the end of May). If you follow along, you’ll get to see how it all comes together. An update video will be up on our YouTube channel every Thursday. 

And in this video, I’m taking you along for a quick shopping trip at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market. Normally, the Fremont Sunday Market is much bigger where they even have some indoor area for all vintage and secondhand goods. But since covid, that part got closed off and just a few vendors available to shop from. 

Regardless, we were still able to pick up a hand full of pieces to start with. 


As I am editing and writing out this vlog, it’s officially Spring break week and we are actually getting good weather here in Seattle! So we took the last few days just picnicking around the city, taking bike rides and hanging out with family friends in Vahson. 

Clouds part and a clear blue sky is in the viewing. I officially left my job 3 weeks ago so that cleared out my time for family-care, self-care and Akimiro Studio! Remember, nothing is more important than your health and taking care of each other. 

Yes, losing one side of income puts us financially on the edge but the tradeoff is significant. Since I gained my freedom, I’ve been able to offer more attention to my little ones and take care of myself mentally and physically. That’s what my salary can’t buy for us and definitely worth the tradeoff. And thanks to the Akimiro Studio project, it’s what triggered this big move! 

Now let’s go shopping! At the end of the video, you'll get to see all the pieces I picked up on this trip. Anything caught your attention? Any ideas you would like to propose? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for hanging out with me,


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