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Our story

For over 12 years, I’ve been a fashion designer for companies big and small in major cities from New York City to San Francisco and currently, residing in Seattle, WA. As Covid moved us all to virtual reality, I left my job in March 2021 to focus on my family, as my two toddlers required a ‘homeschool teacher’. 

The truth is, while I thought I was helping them, in turn, they were actually helping me. Between all the school work and art projects together, I found myself smiling every time I peered my eyes over at their creations of fun characters and colorful sceneries. Assuming I'm not the only one who’s amused and fascinated by children's art, I decided to start Akimiro

Who we are:
Akimiro is about putting kids front and center and together, we celebrate all the little moments in life, creativity, youth, love and self-expression. We are fun, down to earth, kind, simple, authentic, inclusive, honest, silly, charming & romantic.

On Sustainability:
To minimize waste, all our products are custom made-to-order. That means we don't stock any items and produce our designs one order at a time when an order is placed. Our goal in the near future is to have the ability to offer all natural and sustainable materials. 

What makes Akimiro different?
We invite you not only to create your own wearable children art for the whole family, but we started a collection called, ‘Little Artists’ where we invite all walks of ‘little artists’ to submit their illustrations and doodles to collaborate together. With Akimiro, we will work our magic, so all art are not just fun for kids and grandparents, but they are interesting enough for sophisticated moms and dads.

If Akimiro is a musician, then we are Walter Martin — bridging the gap between fun and charming apparel for children and adults. Just listen to ‘Sing to Me’ and you'll hear what Akimiro sounds like too. 

Thank you for being here and keeping us inspired. 

Stay curious. Stay creative. 
Doris Nguyen

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