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Here's one way to upcycle a t-shirt

Here's one way to upcycle a t-shirt

In this week’s video I'm showing you a way to DIY and upcycle your t-shirts with a stylish twist and pleated shoulder detailing. It's simple and the result is amazing!

This t-shirt transformation is super flattering!! So if you’re planning to toss your old t-shirt away, consider up-cycling it and give it a new life! There are so many knots and twists to try...I'd love to see what you come up with! Have fun and let me know how it turned out for you!


About this t-shirt:

This t-shirt that I up-cycled is my t-shirt from Old Navy.

I've actually worked there from 2014 to 2016.  The head of the department gathered the team up with Erika Zak, who was unfortunately diagnosed with colon cancer, helped pull all the designers together to come up with a graphic design idea to help promote and raise funds for the cause.

To my surprise, my artwork was one of the graphics that got voted to get printed on a t-shirt to sell it among the company. I was super excited about that because I didn't think it would get picked out because one, I wasn’t a graphic designer and two, I did it so quickly and submitted it the same day.

a group of designers who helped create artwork to bring awareness to colon cancer

This picture was taken in front of the poster with the group of designers and artists that were picked out. Standing next to me was Michelle, who had her graphic art voted for as well. 

pregnant Doris balancing on the train track at santa cruz, CA

Right after that, I think I went on maternity leave and when I came back, somebody told me my graphic was actually picked up from the men's department and was commercialized! What!?

black 'ride the waves' tshirt from old navy, artwork created by Dorisblack 'ride the waves' tshirt from old navy, artwork created by Doris

Two photos above are from Old Navy

I added the verbiage to this graphic that says, Ride the Waves' because I imagined someone like her having to deal with such a hard battle is going through such rough paths. And so I searched my fear... I'm not a swimmer. In fact, I can't even swim and so for me it's super scary to be in the water.  Especially in the deep water where there's a big wave. That's why this graphic came to my mind.  It's scary and challenging and so hard to deal with but yet you have to fight it to survive. 


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